Would you like to receive Six Figures in a way that doesn't require hustle?

In a way that doesn't ask you to sell your soul?

Nor feel like an arduous mountain to climb?


Then I'd like to invite you to sign up for a:


This is a 60-minute session where we'll explore:

Your Sacred Offerings:


Are you super excited about what your putting out in the world?


Do your offers light you up? 


Do you feel aligned with your soul? 


Are they priced in alignment with your money goals? 


Do prospective clients hear you speak and say – ooh I want that?


If your offers are off they won't sell.  When they're juicy they'll sell out.


Let's align your offerings to what you want - and what your clients want.  Because then it's win/win.  .

Your Sales Process:


Is it easy to work with you? 


Or do you make prospective clients jump through hoops? 


Do you squirm thinking that sales is this horrible icky thing – a necessary evil in business? 


Let's transform that.


Selling is a beautiful process that serves your clients at the deepest level. 


It's not your job to persuade, cajole or get them to say yes.  It's your job to extend an invitation to them and ask them to decide. 


We'll explore what this looks like for you - and how to set it up in your business. 

Your Blocks:


What’s holding you back?


If you’re not generating the income you want right now, it’s not because you don’t have enough clients.  It just looks that way.


However, not enough clients is the outer reflection of your inner world.  It's a result of old wounds that need healing, or beliefs that need to be ditched.


As you step up, old wounds will come up to the surface to be healed.  As you heal magic happens and suddenly new clients appear out of the blue.


During our session we’ll explore some of the blocks and fears and begin the healing process. 

I have six spots available.


Is one of them yours?


Sign up now if 2022 is your year of flight and you'd love support and guidance to help you fly higher and further. 


I can't wait to talk.


Much love,


Melina x