Sacred Selling is not just another sales book. It is a practical, engaging guide to transforming your business and your entire life.  With its powerful examples and practical tips you’ll learn how to merge spirituality and sales in a way that feels good without any of the “ickiness” spiritual entrepreneurs often feel when selling. 


Beautifully written, containing vulnerable, personal stories Sacred Selling will transform your experience of sales.  Instead of something you dread, selling will become joyful – a part of your business you love and get excited about.  After reading this book, you’ll know deep within your soul, that every sales conversation is changing someone’s life in the most magical way.


It’s a game changer. 

Melina Abbott is a ninja sales queen and helps spiritually aware coaches and healers create a beautiful blend of grounded, practical sales systems that align with intuitive, spiritual transformation.  Her calm energy and playful, adventurous spirit inspires people to play full out, creating a business they love and living a life that fills their heart with joy.  


Reader Reviews

Sacred selling is not just another sales book. It's a practical, engaging guide to transforming your business and your entire life.  It teaches you how to sell and serve more clients with authenticity and integrity, and is full of powerful examples and practical tips to help you create alignment and abundance in your life and business.

When you read this book and apply the principals, you’ll experience the art of selling from a completely new, unique and enjoyable perspective.

Diane Johnston

Transformational Coach

So many a-has and ‘of course’ reminders in this book. I love that Melina speaks truth and shares her wisdom using personal challenges to illustrate her points. A great combination of grounded, solid and spiritual guidance. Such a breath of fresh air in the world of sales, particularly for those of us selling transformational services (that can feel difficult to describe.)

Julie Johnson

Author of Dance Your Way to Success and Founder of The Success Club

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Sacred Selling is full of inspiring real-life examples for attracting customers from your heart instead of getting caught up in your head. So beautifully written evoking how this more magical approach makes the whole experience such an enjoyable and rewarding one for all.

Leigh Clarke

Founder of Soul Resuscitation

What I loved most about Melina's book, "Sacred Selling", was the authenticity conveyed in her words. Reading through the book I felt like I was on a journey, one that I was sharing with Melina. So much of what she wrote, I resonated with. "Sacred Selling" is a powerful book for anyone who wants to explore their own personal expansion. But when you mix this with forming the foundations of a soul based business, Melina's book is a must. She shares vulnerable moments within her own business journey and with that you get to see the true grit and resolve that Melina has for helping others towards success. A success that is founded on the dedicated pursuit of truth.

Julia Mulcahy

Mindset Coach

"Sacred Selling is an invaluable book that will cause many other spiritual entrepreneurs like myself to breathe a sigh of relief. Melina clearly explains how to merge spirituality and sales in a way that feels good, takes away the "ickiness" and backs all of her guidance up with personal stories of how and why her techniques are designed to bring success"

Em Mulholland

Soulful Copywriter, Editor & Energy Healer